About Us


Servitude is at the core of our organization. We pride ourselves on providing support, resources and services to people of all walks of life. We believe in meeting the clients where they are. 

Our approach is client centered and involves meeting the needs of the entire person. We are dedicated to improving our communities by reducing socioeconomic issues such as 
substance abuse, homelessness, unemployment, crime, recidivism and other issues that plague our communities.


We are a team of dedicated and experienced counselors, therapist, administrators and medical staff that are here to meet the needs of communities by addressing the needs of individuals from a client centered approach.


4804 York Road, Baltimore MD 21212     

info@evalifegiver.org |   443-873-8958


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Our treatment programs CARF Accredited and certified by the state of Maryland through the Alcohol and Drug 
Abuse Administration (ADAA) and the Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ).