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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)


What is PRP?

The PRP program offers one on one support services and assistance to promote independent living, coping and life skills, recreational activities, and support with getting your needs and goals accomplished.

What to Expect

Our PRP specialists advocate on your behalf and collaborate with therapists, psychiatrist, school administrators and other community providers and support services that maybe difficult to access on your own. We work to address any challenges that may be a road block to progress.The PRP services are offered several times monthly. PRP services are fully covered by medical assistance. W

Who We Serve


The program provides services to adults with mental illnesses to facilitate the development of their independent living and social skills. Our counselors are matched with the client to provide one on one care

With your input we will develop a individual plan specifically to meet your needs. The program is available with 24/7 access. The assigned counselor will support you in creating attainable goals to overcome challenges and improve the quality of life

Youth & Adolescence 

With a variety of licensed and trained mental health professionals on site, your child will receive a comprehensive team based approach. Our goal is to help children with mental illness live a healthy and increased quality of life. We will provide a PRP Specialist that works directly with you and your child. The specialist will address behaviors that you have described as challenging and offer ways to collaboratively set goals and progression plan. The program is available with 24/7 access and include home visits.

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