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When you are in the grips of serious drug addiction, it can seem like there is no way out. That is why we have formulated a drug detox  program that aims to cleanse your body, mind, and soul, ease the discomfort of withdrawal and set you on a path of lasting change and recovery. 


What is Drug Detox?

Drug detoxification is the process of removing all toxins from the body caused by drug addiction. Detox allows us to safely and effectively manage withdrawal symptoms once you have stopped taking drugs. The withdrawal symptoms you experience will usually depend on the type of drug addiction you have and how severe your addiction is.



Ambulatory Detox


This program is aimed at managing acute intoxication and withdrawal. It is designed to treat the level clients severity to achieve safe and comfortable withdrawal from abusive substances. Individuals who meet program criteria are not in need of hospitalization, but can benefit from breaking free from chemical addiction while in a supportive environment. 

Outpatient Withdrawal Management

​Traditionally known as Detox, Withdrawal Management is for those who are using substances daily and are unable to stop treatment on their own or who are already in withdrawal and need additional supervision that does not require medical care from a doctor or nurse. We provide a safe environment that allows beneficiaries to initiate care services to begin their recovery. It incorporates medication to comfortably and quickly clear opiates and alcohol from a patient’s system within 3-8 days. Beneficiaries begin treatment when they are physically able to participate, and will then be screened and referred to the next appropriate level of care.

During our care patients can expect:

  • Customized treatment plans utilizing medicationsbto minimize withdrawal symptoms and improve patient comfort

  • Accelerated, flexible outpatient detoxification with no general anesthesia or hospital stay required.

  • Ongoing naltrexone therapy supporting long-term recovery by reducing cravings, blocking opioids and preventing relapse.

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