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Adults & Youth

Treatment services

Support Group

Early Intervention

This program provides intervention and education for those who may be at risk for using or abusing drugs, alcohol, or any illicit substance. Prevention and early education is crucial in understanding the negative impact of substance abuse and root causes. This method will help prevent and lessen substance abuse issues before they become out of control. 

Outpatient Treatment (OP)

This level of treatment provides client centered individual and group counseling that meets the individual needs from a holistic approach. Individuals learn effective tools to change undesirable behavioral patterns, identify triggers, and develop a personalized treatment plan to live healthy alcohol and drug free lives. We also offer on site mental health evaluation and therapy. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

This level of treatment is designed for chronic substance abusers and/or alcoholics that have had one or more previous treatment episodes with or without legal, family, employment, social/and or health issues. This is a more intense version of Level I treatment where clients must meet a minimum of 9 hours per week along with their personalized treatment plan.

IOP addiction treatment is commonly used as either after care following residential treatment; a step down in intensity following successful completion of a residential treatment or inpatient 30 day treatment program. This next step in the treatment continuum increases the potential for a successful recovery by reintegrating the client into everyday life while remaining in ongoing treatment. 


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